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Oertz FB 1

Страна: Германия

Год: 1913

Oertz - V3 / V4/ V5 - 1912 - Германия<– –>Oertz - FB 2/FB 3/W 4 - 1913 - Германия

J.Herris German Seaplanes of WWI (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 15)

Oertz F.B.1

  The first Oertz flying boat, creatively designated the F.B.1, was designed and built in the spring of 1913. Powered by a 100 hp Argus As.I driving a pusher propeller, the engine was mounted higher then on later designs. Only one aircraft was built.
  The F.B.1 featured streamlined wing-tip floats, slightly-swept back three-bay wings of equal chord, and large tail surfaces mounted high above the water. Like all Oertz flying boats the hull had a very broad beam for stability.
  The F.B.1 was unarmed and designed for two crewmen sitting side-by-side. Subsequent Oertz flying boat designs were clearly developed from the F.B.1 based on experience gained from that type.

J.Herris - German Seaplanes of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (15)
The Oertz F.B.1 was a pre-war design, being built in 1913. The F.B.1 was clearly a boat hull with flying surfaces.