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Страна: Германия

Год: 1917


LVG - C.V - 1917 - Германия<– –>LVG - C.VI - 1918 - Германия

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

  Continuing the streamlined, ply-covered fuselage trend, the L.V.G. D IV featured a wing cellule similar to that of the earlier D II, with single-spar lower wing and vee interplane struts. The nose, of blunter proportions but still neatly spinnered, housed the vee-eight type, direct-drive, 195 h.p. Benz Bz IIIb engine. The machine participated at the second D types Competition at Adlershof in June 1918. Span, 8.5 m. (27 ft. 10 3/4 in.). Length, 6.28 m. (20 ft. 7 1/4 in.). Height, 2.7 m. (8 ft. 10 1/4 in.). Area, 18.06 sq.m. (195 sq.ft.). Weights: Empty, 680 kg. (1,496 lb.). Loaded, 935 kg. (2,057 lb.). Climb, 5,000 m. (16,400 ft.) in 28 min. at loaded weight of 911 kg. (2,004 lb.).

W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters

LVG D IV Germany

  Retaining the aerodynamically clean, plywood-covered semi-monocoque fuselage style of the D III and a generally similar wing cellule, with single-spar lower wing and Vee-type interplane struts, the LVG D IV was in the final stages of assembly in September 1917, according to an Idflieg report. Serving as a test-bed for the new 185 hp Benz Bz IIIbo eight-cylinder Vee-type direct-drive engine, the D IV was flight tested intermittently until, on 5 January 1918, the crankshaft broke in flight. The aircraft caught fire and was destroyed. A second D IV prototype was completed in late January, but suffered recurrent engine problems. Nevertheless, it was entered in the 1st D-type contest at Adlershof, but on 29 January, the first day of the competition, the engine caught fire and the aircraft was destroyed, further development being discontinued.

Time to 16,405 ft (5 000 m), 28 min.
Empty weight, 1,499 lb (680 kg).
Loaded weight, 2,061 lb (935 kg).
Span, 27 ft 10 2/3 in (8,50 m).
Length, 20 ft 7 1/4 in (6,28 m).
Height, 8 ft 10 1/4 in (2,70 m).
Wing area, 194.4 sqft (18,06 m2).

W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
An L.V.G. D.IV Type Single-seater Scout of 1918 (195 h.p. Benz Bz IIIb.)
W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
The D IV had the misfortune to suffer recurrent engine problems which resulted in the destruction of both prototypes of this fighter.