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Porte and Pirie glider

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1909


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Porte and Pirie Biplane

   The Porte and Pirie Glider was a two-seat side-by-side biplane designed and built during 1908 by Lts. J. C. Porte and W. B. Pirie, two naval officers of the submarine depot at Haslar. Intended to be fitted later with a J. A.P. engine, the machine was tested first as a glider at Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth, Hants., on 17th August, 1909. After running down the hill on its wheeled carriage the glider pitched forward, turning over and throwing the occupants out. The biplane wings were very heavily staggered, with the leading-edge of the lower in line vertically with the trailing-edge of the upper.

Журнал Flight

Flight, September 25, 1909

A Glider at Portsmouth.

   ON the evening of the 17th inst. a glider was tried on the Portsdown Hills by two young naval officers, Lieuts. Porte and Pirie, attached to the Haslar submarine depot. The glider is of the biplane type, as seen in our frontispiece, but with the upper plane placed a good deal in advance of the lower one. There is no elevator in front, but elevating and steering planes are placed between the main planes at the ends, and there is a tail. With both officers seated in it the machine was mounted on a trolley and run along a temporary track, but it failed to rise, and eventually pitched forward and collapsed, both officers being thrown out but escaping unhurt. The design is particularly promising, and we have little doubt that after a few lessons have been learnt a practical machine will be evolved.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913 /Jane's/
PORTE (1908). Designed by Lieut. Porte, R.N., in conjunction with Lieut. Pirie, R.N. This machine, on which the former well known aviator commenced his flying career, was smashed up in preliminary trials as a glider on Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth. Its design apparently preceded the Goupy in the use of staggered planes.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
A BRITISH-BUILT AND DESIGNED GLIDER. - The machine which has been invented by Lieuts. Porte and Pirie, two young naval officers attached to the submarine depot at Haslar. In the top picture bluejackets and villagers are hauling up the glider to the summit of Portsdown Hill, overlooking Portsmouth, preparatory to the gliding experiments; and in the lower photo Lieuts. Porte and Pirie are in their glider at the top of the hill ready for being launched for a flight. Although the experiments resulted in a smash, defects are to be remedied, and successful progress may be safely looked for with such a businesslike machine.