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Euler biplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1910

Dorner - I / II / III - 1909 - Германия<– –>Euler - monoplane - 1912 - Германия

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913

EULER. August Euler, Frankfurt a.M. In 1908 Euler secured Voisin rights for Germany. In 1910 he took out a patent for a design of his own. In the summer of 1911 he built a successful monoplane, in the autumn of the same year a triplane. Existing models are as follows:--

   1912. 1912.
   Triplane. Monoplane. Military biplane.

Length...........feet(m.) 23 (7) no data no data
Span.............feet(m.) 23 (7)
Area.........sq. feet(m?) ...
Weight,total...lbs.(kgs.) ...
   useful...lbs.(kgs.) ...
Motor................h.p. Gnome
Speed,max.... m.p.h.(km.) 56 (90)
   min.....m.p.h.(km.) ...
Endurance ...........hrs. 3-4
Number Built during 1912 about 70 of various types

Журнал Flight

Flight, November 26, 1910


Prince Henry Qualifies as a Pilot.

   DURING last week Prince Henry was continuing his practice on the Euler biplane, and on the 16th flew 4 kiloms. at a height of 15 metres. On Saturday last, on the military parade ground at Darmstadt, he successfully qualified for the pilot's certificate of the German Aeronautic Association, the official observers being Herr von Hiddessen, Herr von Hammacher, and Herr Auguste Euler.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913 /Jane's/
EULER. Military biplane.
Журнал - Flight за 1910 г.
Prince Henry of Prussia in his aviator's dress, after qualifying for his pilot's certificate at Frankfurt on the Euler biplane. Reading from left to right are: Prince Henry, von Hammacher, von Hiddessen, and August Euler, the Prlnce's instructor.
Журнал - Flight за 1912 г.
"A flying machine is neither an open grave nor a toy for children." Such is the expression to which Prince Henry of Prussia, certified aviator, has subscribed his signature as above for his portrait on the Euler biplane on which he qualified for his pilot's certificate.
R.Kosin - The German Fighter since 1915 /Putnam/
Patent granted to August Euler for installation of a machine-gun in an aircraft.