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Vreeburg A.2M

Страна: Нидерланды

Год: 1919

Van Berkel - WB - 1920 - Нидерланды<– –>Bolt, Angus - glider - 1912 - Новая Зеландия

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

This is the one and only Vreeburg A-2M bomber. Engineer H.A. Vreeburg was the chief of the Technical Service of the Dutch Air Force (The LVA = Luchtvaart Afdeling). The machine was built by the government works on the airfield of Soesterberg. Development started in 1918, but the machine was finished in 1919, making its first flight on february 10th in 1919.
   The machine received no orders from the LVA and was scrapped in 1920.

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/