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Boeing B & W / Model 1

Страна: США

Год: 1916

Utility seaplane

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P.Bowers Boeing Aircraft since 1916 (Putnam)

MODEL 1 (B & W) - The first Boeing aeroplane design was a joint venture of William E Boeing and his assistants and Commander G Conrad Westervelt of the US Navy, who participated as a private individual while stationed in Seattle. The collaboration resulted in the designation of B & W for the two aeroplanes that were built to that initial design.
   The first aeroplane was assembled in Boeing's new boathouse/hangar on Lake Union, after some components, including the pontoons, had been built in the shipyard. Construction was entirely conventional for the period, the structure being wood with wire bracing, all fabric covered. The engine was started by compressed air from a tank in the aft fuselage. The original control system was unique, a 'three-in-one', where forward movement of the control column worked the elevators, sideways motion moved the ailerons, and a wheel on top worked the rudder. There was no hand throttle; the pilot activated this with his right foot. This arrangement was quickly changed to the conventional Deperdussin control with rudder bar, while the original pontoons, which proved to be too small, were replaced with a larger and simplified design. The first B & W, named Bluebird, flew on June 29, 1916, and the second, named Mallard, flew in November. Both were sold to the New Zealand government in 1918 and were used as airmail carriers.

   Type: Utility seaplane
   Accommodation: 2 in tandem
   Power plant: Hall-Scott A-5, 125 hp
   Span: 52 ft
   Length: 31 ft 2 in overall
   Wing area: 580 sq ft
   Empty weight: 2,100 lb
   Gross weight: 2,800 lb
   Max speed: 75 mph
   Cruising speed: 67 mph
   Climb: 700 ft/min
   Range: 320 miles
   C/ns: 1,2

MODEL 1A (B & W 1A) - To commemorate its 50th anniversary on July 15, 1966, Boeing built a full-scale replica of its first aeroplane, the B & W, to emphasize the great advances made in aircraft design over the half century. Rather than give the replica a new Boeing c/n in the jet airliner range, it was given c/n 1A.
   While the outward appearance was authentic, many internal changes were made in the interest of production economy, structural integrity, safety afloat, and airworthiness. Principal changes were the use of welded steel tubing for the fuselage and tail, modernized flight controls and instrumentation, and a modern Lycoming GO-435 engine de-rated to 170 hp. In spite of a 500-pound increase in empty weight, the increased engine power and improved aerodynamics gave the replica the same performance as the original.
   Boeing requested the registration number 1916B. This was not available, so 1916L was assigned and applied very inconspicuously to the fuselage beneath the horizontal stabilizer.
   Although the aircraft was completed and initially flown as a pure seaplane, bolt-on wheels were soon added to the floats to enable the replica to be demonstrated at air shows held on regular airports.

P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
The first Boeing-designed aeroplane, the B & W of 1916, floating by the broad sloping ramp of the original factory-hangar.
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
The B & W being brought ashore.
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
The replica B & W taking off from Lake Washington.
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
The replica B & W made its first flight on May 25, 1966.
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
For demonstrations in Wichita, Kansas, and at air shows away from Seattle, the B & W 1A replica was fitted with wheels and brakes under the pontoons. These did not make the replica amphibious.
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
The front and rear cockpits of the first B & W. Note sparse instrumentation.
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/