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Lohner Parasol

Страна: Австро-Венгрия

Год: 1914

Lohner - E/L/M/R/T - 1914 - Австро-Венгрия<– –>Lohner - 10.20 Spuckerl / Type AA - 1916 - Австро-Венгрия

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

The Lohner-Parasol Eindecker here pictured on the 3rd International Flying Meeting [ 3. Internationalen Flugmeetings 21 - 29 Juni 1914 ] on the field of Wien-Aspern. The machine had the startnummer 22 (retouched for this challenge) and on the rudder 'Lohner Wien MLG' (also retouched for this Challenge).
   By the way MLG stood for Motor-Luftfahrzeug-Gesellschaft m.b.H, the firm that ordered this machine from Lohner.
   After the start of the war the machine was bought by the k.u.k. Kriegsministerium and got the designation 10.07.
   I differ on the Auftragsnummer, it is quoted by Reinhard Keimel as AD.490. Searching in the list of Auftragsnummer I notice that AD.426 got a question mark (?), so might be unknown or not given etc.

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