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Curtiss X-1

Страна: США

Год: 1917

Curtiss - Stinson Special - 1917 - США<– –>Curtiss - 18-B Hornet / 18-T Wasp - 1918 - США

P.Bowers Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947 (Putnam)

Model X-1

   The single X-1 of early 1917 was a contemporary of the L-1 triplane, using the same wings and engine installation but a different fuselage, undercarriage, and tail. The most noticeable differences were the use of a two-cockpit tandem-seating fuselage much like that of the JN-4, with vertical tail post, and a JN-4 type vertical tail. The US Army bought one, serial number 474.

P.Bowers - Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947 /Putnam/
The Model X-1 was similar to the JN-4B except for nose details and the use of triplane wings.