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Boeing EA / Model 4

Страна: США

Год: 1917


Boeing - C / Models 2, 3, 5 - 1916 - США<– –>Bokor - triplane - 1909 - США

P.Bowers Boeing Aircraft since 1916 (Putnam)

MODEL 4 (EA) - The two EAs were the first Boeing landplanes, and were essentially Model 3s with side-by-side seating and conventional wheel undercarriage supplemented by a third 'anti-nose-over' wheel. The power plant was a 100 hp Curtiss OXX-3 engine in place of the Hall-Scott. The designation EA is believed to be a continuation of the alphabetical series of model designations (Model 2 was C, Model 3 could have been D) combined with A-for-Army since they were designed for the US Army. Although the aircraft were delivered in January 1917, the purchase contract was not signed until April, after the United States had entered WW-I.

  Type: Trainer
  Accommodation: 2 side-by-side
  Power plant: Curtiss OXX-5, 100 hp
  Span: 48 ft 10 in
  Length: 24 ft 10 in
  Wing area: 479 sq ft
  Empty weight: 1,598 lb
  Gross weight: 2,185 lb
  Max speed: 67 mph
  Cruising speed: 60 mph
  Climb: 438 ft/min
  Service ceiling: 7,000 ft
  Range: 280 miles
  C/ns: 4,5
  Army serial numbers: 536, 537

P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/
Model 4, the EA landplane. The undercarriage was not a true tricycle; the extra wheel was to prevent nose-overs by student pilots.
P.Bowers - Boeing Aircraft since 1916 /Putnam/