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BFW monoplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1918

BFW - CL.I / CL.II / CL.III - 1918 - Германия<– –>BFW - N.I - 1918 - Германия

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

B.F.W. Monoplane
   An experimental monoplane of 1918 with forward sweep on wings and which obviously utilised a CL II/III fuselage. Engine, 180 h.p. Argus As III.

J.Herris Otto, AGO and BFW Aircraft of WWI (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 37)

BFW Monoplane

   In addition to the three CL-prototypes, BFW also built an experimental monoplane. The reason this airplane was built is not clear but testing the eccentric wing design may be the reason. The problem this design was intended to solve is not known. The prototype used a fuselage and tail based on the previous CL-prototypes coupled with a shoulder-mounted monoplane with forward sweep and unusual planform. The engine was a 160 hp Mercedes D.III engine.
   The wing was of thin airfoil, limiting its strength. Built in 1918, the aircraft remained a single prototype.

J.Herris - Otto, AGO and BFW Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (37)
BFW monoplane prototype powered by a 160 hp Mercedes D.III engine.
J.Herris - Weird Wings of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (70)
The BFW monoplane was built in 1918. It may have been built to evaluate this unusual wing. The unbraced wing appears fragile.