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LVG D 10

Страна: Германия

Год: 1916


LVG - C.IV - 1916 - Германия<– –>LVG - D.II/D.III - 1916 - Германия

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

L.V.G. D 10
  Experimental single-seat fighter with wrapped plywood strip fuselage of deep gap-filling Walfisch type. The unique under-fin extending to the axle is one of the many features of this unusual-looking aeroplane which was built during 1916. Engine, 120 h.p. Mercedes D II.

W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters

LVG D 10 Germany

  The Luft-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (LVG), which had initiated licence manufacture of 75 Albatros D II fighters in August 1916, began work during the course of that year on an original single-seat, single-bay fighter biplane. Of unusual appearance to the designs of engineers Ehrhardt and Rethel, it was designated D10. Powered by a 120 hp Mercedes D II engine, the LVG fighter was noteworthy for its extraordinarily deep fuselage which completely filled the wide wing gap. This Walfisch-type fuselage was of wrapped plywood strip semi-monocoque form, and the wing cellule featured exceptionally broad aerofoil-section interplane struts. The D 10 is known to have demonstrated unsatisfactory characteristics in flight, but no data are available.

W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
L.V.G. D 10
W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
The D10 possessed an unusually deep fuselage which filled the entire wing gap.