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Joachimczyk aircraft

Страна: Польша

Год: 1911

Gold - monoplane - 1910 - Польша<– –>Kolousek - biplane - 1910 - Польша

J.Zynk Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 (Putnam)

Joachimczyk's Aircraft

   Alfred Marceli Joachimczyk, a Polish engineer working in Berlin, evolved an aircraft of his own design in 1910. The machine, completed in the early spring of 1911, featured three sets of wings in tandem, a monoplane wing forward, the main multi-bay cellular biplane wing in the centre and another monoplane wing at the rear, and was propelled by two sets of contra-rotating pusher airscrews. These were driven by a water-cooled engine installed within the fuselage. The general configuration of the aircraft is apparent from the photograph, but details regarding its design and dimensions are lacking. As far as is known the aeroplane was not successful.

J.Zynk - Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 /Putnam/
One of the most complicated and ungainly aircraft to be evolved by a Polish designer, the unsuccessful Joachimczyk machine with two sets of pusher contra-rotating airscrews, photographed in Berlin in the spring of 1911.