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Umeda Aeroplane

Страна: Япония

Год: 1910

Ueda - Hiryu-go - 1909 - Япония<– –>Umino - Seaplane - 1915 - Япония

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 (Putnam)

Umeda Aeroplane.

   Around 1910, while working as manager of a kimono shop in Shibaku, Tokyo, Yuzo Umeda became an aviation enthusiast, and in his home workshop built a glider which he intended to tow with an automobile. Whether this was a success or a failure is not known, but it was followed by a powered aeroplane with a 25hp Anzani engine. When completed, it was tested at Inage, as well as Sambonyoshi at Haneda Beach, but these efforts ended in failure.
   Believing that more power would solve most of his problems, Umeda purchased a 60hp Indian engine in the summer of 1914, and built a biplane. When completed, he assembled the major components in an Imperial Flight Association hangar located at the Yoyogi Military Parade Grounds. The aeroplane left the ground on its first attempt on 7 September, 1914, but crashed immediately and was destroyed.
   Reverting to the use of the 25hp Anzani engine, Umeda built a sesquiplane at Inage in May 1916, assisted by Shuichi Yano, a graduate of the Department of Science and Technology at Waseda University, along with Kichinosuke Tsukamoto. This aeroplane was referred to as a French Caudron design since it resembled that small single-seat aircraft. Umeda was disappointed again, for this aeroplane could only make short hops. Anticipating success, Umeda had erected a sign at Inage announcing the Umeda Aeroplane Co-operative Training Centre (Umeda Hikoki Kyodo Renshusho) on which he introduced his Anzani-powered sesquiplane as the trainer to be used, and called it the Umeda Tractor.
   Desperate to achieve at least some success. Umeda lent his 60hp Indian engine to aircraft builder Einosuke Shirato who then produced the Shirato lwao-go Aeroplane. This aeroplane was sent on flying tours accompanied by Umeda as part of a team. Eventually the aeroplane was sold to Yukichi Coto, and Umeda gave up direct involvement in aviation. (see Shirato Iwao-go Aeroplane)

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe - Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 /Putnam/
Umeda Aeroplane