Lockheed Aircraft since 1913

R.Francillon - Lockheed Aircraft since 1913 /Putnam/

The Model F-1 which was completed at Santa Barbara in March 1918.
The Loughead F-1 in its original form.
Destined to remain in prototype form, the F-1 flying-boat was an excellent but ambitious design for a fledgling company.
The F-1 flying-boat with increased rudder area.
In its landplane version the Loughead twin-engined aircraft had a short life.
The Loughead brothers in the cockpit of their F-1 flying-boat; Malcolm is in the starboard seat and Allan in the port.
Loughead F-1
Dwarfed by a sign more impressive than the company's real contribution to the war effort, this Loughead-built HS-2L is seen here on the beach at Santa Barbara.
The Model G at San Francisco. Note the shape of the main float and wingtip floats, location of ailerons between the wings, and cruciform tail.
The Model G floatplane taxi-ing back to a slip on San Francisco Bay.
The horseshoe-shaped Kirkham radiator as originally fitted to the Model G.
Loughead Model G