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Hansa-Brandenburg W.35

Страна: Германия

Год: 1919

Hansa-Brandenburg - W.33 / W.34 / W.37 - 1918 - Германия<– –>Hanuschke - biplane - 1909 - Германия

C.Owers Hansa-Brandenburg Aircraft of WWI Vol.2: Biplane Seaplanes (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 18)

Type W.35

   The W.35 was a large flying boat, designed around two 300-hp Basse und Selve engines, to counter the large Curtiss and Felixstowe flying boats operated by the British in the North Sea. The Germans admired the "Large America" flying boats with their firepower and found them difficult to bring down. The W.35 was designed to counter the Allies' boats and was a monoplane of modern appearance. The two engines were mounted in the wing that was supported by struts to the hull with additional long bracing struts at about half span. The two pilots sat side by side with a gunner's position located in the bow and at the rear behind the wings. The proposed crew was four and armament included a 2-cm Becker Kanone in additional to bombs. The British experience had shown that flying boats needed better defence to the rear and below and the proposed hull sloped upward similar to that Heinkel had adopted for his successful floatplane fighters. Work was commenced in the former Oertz Works, and it is possible that Oertz designed the hull, but it is referred to as a Brandenburg design in all surviving documents. The boat was designed to fly on one engine and the mahogany planked hull was fitted with flotation tanks. Two hulls were almost complete by the end of October 1918. It appears that the machines were assembled but no further work took place, and the boats were destroyed post-Armistice. The factory three-view drawing is dated 16.1.19, indicating that there was hope that construction could continue post-war.

Type W.35 Orders
Marine #s Class Engine Notes
2306-2307 G Maybach Mb.IVa Two ordered, never delivered.

Brandenburg W.35 Specifications
Source Typenschau Brandenburg 3-View
Span, m 25.00 25.000
Length, m 17.22 17.220
Wing Area, m2 112.00 112
Empty Wt, kg 3,167 3,167
Loaded Wt, kg 4,650 4,650
Speed in km/hr 165 -
Motor 300-hp Basse und Selve 300-hp Basse und Selve

C.Owers - Hansa-Brandenburg Aircraft of WWI. Volume 2 - Biplane Seaplanes /Centennial Perspective/ (18)
Brandenburg W.35 Factory Three-View