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Van Berkel WB

Страна: Нидерланды

Год: 1920

Van Berkel - WA - 1919 - Нидерланды<– –>Vreeburg - A.2M - 1919 - Нидерланды

C.Owers Hansa-Brandenburg Aircraft of WWI Vol.2: Biplane Seaplanes (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 18)

The Van Berkel WA

   The Netherlands Navy requested a two-seat long-range monoplane similar to the Brandenburg W.29. Baumhauer designed a monoplane for Van Berkel that was a completely new design of larger proportions and powered by a Rolls Royce Eagle VIII engine. Six of these WB monoplanes were built and are often referred to as Brandenburgs, but apart from some superficial similarities, the WB was a completely new design. The WB was the last aircraft built by Van Berkel.

C.Owers - Hansa-Brandenburg Aircraft of WWI. Volume 2 - Biplane Seaplanes /Centennial Perspective/ (18)
The van Berkel WB monoplane borrowed much from the Brandenburg designs but was a completely new indigenous design. WA 54 floats in the background. Rudders of both seaplanes are orange.