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Oeffag G / 50.04

Страна: Австро-Венгрия

Год: 1916

Oeffag - C.II - 1916 - Австро-Венгрия<– –>Oeffag - 50.13 - 1917 - Австро-Венгрия

P.Grosz, G.Haddow, P.Shiemer Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One

Oeffag 50.04 and 50.05

  In early 1916, Oeffag submitted a proposal for a biplane bomber powered by two buried 150 hp engines connected to a common gearbox driving two wing-mounted propellers. The project remained under consideration until August 1916 when it was shelved. In May 1916, Oeffag became the third company to join the "large bomber program" along with Lloyd and Phonix when it received a contract to build two triplane bombers, designated 50.04 and 50.05. The fuselage and wing panels, based on the Lloyd 40.08 layout, were already completed and the first prototype was expected in early July 1916. However, that month work was halted owing to the serious faults uncovered in the 40.08 design. Flars was hopeful the program could be revived in May 1917, but when the 40.08 modifications proved unsuccessful, all work was stopped. The unfinished 50.04 and 50.05 airframes were sent to Eger for storage in January 1918.

E.Hauke, W.Schroeder, B.Totschinger Die Flugzeuge der k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe und Seeflieger 1914-1918

50. Flugzeuge der Österreichischen Flugzeugfabrik A.G. (Oeffag) Wiener Neustadt
50.04 Oeffag Dr G-Type mit Doppelrumpf 2 x Dm 160, 1 x Dm 300
50.05 Oeffag DD G-Type 2 x Dm 160

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