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Reid-Morgan Flying-boat

Страна: Канада

Год: 1914

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K.Molson, H.Taylor Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (Putnam)

Reid-Morgan Flying-boat

  In late 1913 or early 1914 P. H. Reid obtained financial assistance and general support from Harold W. Morgan, a well-to-do Montreal merchant, and built a flying-boat on the Morgan property at Senneville on the northwest shore of the Island of Montreal. It followed the general flying-boat design practice established by Glenn H. Curtiss in 1912, but it appears to have been an original Reid design.
  The hull was of cedar strip construction and flat bottomed, with a fabric-covered spray shield in front of the cockpit. The cockpit accommodated two side by side, and a single set of Deperdussin controls was fitted at the right hand seat. The two-bay biplane wings had ailerons on the upper wing only, and side curtains were installed on the inner set of interplane struts. A 75 hp Curtiss O engine drove a pusher propeller.
  The flying-boat was first flown in late October or early November 1914 by Reid from the Lake of Two Mountains adjoining the Morgan property. It would seem that the aircraft was stored during the war and then flown again by Reid in 1919, and possibly 1920, but did not appear on the Canadian civil register introduced in 1920.
  It was the first flying-boat to be designed and built in Canada and consequently has a secure niche in Canadian aviation history.

  Specifications and performance figures have not been found.

K.Molson, H.Taylor - Canadian Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
Reid-Morgan Flying-boat on the Lake of Two Mountains. Reid is believed to be in the right-hand seat.