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Templeton-McMullen Biplane

Страна: Канада

Год: 1911

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K.Molson, H.Taylor Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (Putnam)

Templeton-McMullen Biplane

   In 1909 work was started by William and Winston Templeton and a cousin, William McMullen, on the design of an aircraft. Construction began in 1910 in the basement of McMullen’s house in Vancouver, and by April 1911 it was assembled at the Minoru Race Track on Lulu Island.
   The aircraft, based generally on the early Curtiss pushers, had a forward elevator but was converted from a pusher to a tractor layout. It had between-the-wings ailerons and an unusual pair of side curtains set at an angle just inboard of the centre pair of interplane struts. It seems possible that these side curtains may have been hinged to the upper wing and arranged to move with the ailerons, as otherwise it would have been more practical to fit them directly to the struts as was the usual practice. A flight-control lever was mounted on each side of the pilot.
   The aircraft was tested in repeated trials but only succeeded in making hops, the best of these being noted as 280 ft (85 m). After damage in an accident the machine was subsequently burnt while in storage.

   The aircraft was powered by a 30 hp three-cylinder Humber engine and had a span of 28 ft (8 53m).

K.Molson, H.Taylor - Canadian Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
Templeton-McMullen Biplane with William McMullen at the controls.