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Supermarine Patrol Seaplane

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1916

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J.Bruce British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 (Putnam)

Supermarine Patrol Seaplane

  IT has not been possible to find positive proof that this seaplane was built and flown, but it seems probable that some construction work at least was undertaken. As its description indicates, it was designed as a patrol aircraft, and was particularly intended to escort merchant shipping in dangerous waters.
  The Supermarine patrol seaplane was a three-bay pusher biplane which incorporated several.features reminiscent of the A.D. Navyplane. The dihedral of the mainplanes started at the ends of the wide centre-sections, which spanned 12 feet 6 inches; and there were twin fins and rudders. The main floats were independently mounted.
  The aircraft’s equipment was intended to include wireless, bombs, Lewis gun, pigeons and a sea anchor. Its makers described it as “a general purpose machine with no outstanding features”. The type was not developed, presumably because the Short 184 proved to be adequate for most patrol work.

  Manufacturers: The Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd., Woolston, Southampton.
  Dimensions: Span: 60 ft. Length: 37 ft 6 in. Height: 16 ft 2 in. Chord: 7 ft. Gap: 8 ft 6 in. Dihedral: 4. Incidence: 4. Distance between float centres: 9 ft 6 in.
  Areas: Wings: 840 sq ft.
  Weights: Empty: 3,088 lb. Loaded: 4,612 lb.
  Performance: Maximum speed: 70 m.p.h. Endurance: 4 hours.
  Armament: One Lewis machine-gun on forward cockpit; bombs could be carried under the lower centre-section.

J.Bruce - British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 /Putnam/
Supermarine Patrol Seaplane.