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Wight Trainer Seaplane

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1916

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J.Bruce British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 (Putnam)

Wight Trainer Seaplane

  THE Wight dual-control seaplane was probably the first seaplane to be designed specifically for use as a training aircraft; it was also one of the first trainers to have side-by-side seating for the instructor and his pupil.
  Two machines were built and, although basically similar, they differed quite markedly from each other. Both were single-engined pusher biplanes characterised by a tiny front elevator perched on the nose of the wide, shallow nacelle. The flat, rectangular tailplane was attached to the upper tail-booms, and was surmounted by a low aspect-ratio fin surface. Both Wight Trainers had wings of conventional aerofoil section.
  The first Trainer, No. 8321, was powered by a 100 h.p. Anzani radial engine and had three-bay wings of constant chord. The usual long, boat-built floats were fitted, and a small buoyancy float was fitted under each lower wing-tip. A strut-braced auxiliary tailplane was mounted below the lower tailbooms.
  The second machine was considerably smaller and had a 100 h.p. Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine. The wings were reduced in span, and the outer portions were tapered. There were no wing-tip floats, but the main-floats were farther apart and additional vee struts were fitted to the mid-points of the inter-float ties. There was no lower tailplane. The Wight Trainer was tested at Felixstowe but was never adopted for Service use.

  Manufacturers: J. Samuel White & Co., East Cowes, Isle of Wight.
  Power: First machine: 100 h.p. Anzani. Second machine: 100 h.p. Gnome Monosoupape.
  Serial Numbers: 8321-8322.

J.Bruce - British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 /Putnam/
Wight Trainer Seaplane. The first Wight Trainer with three-bay wings of constant chord, Anzani engine, and small tailplane under tail-booms.
J.Bruce - British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 /Putnam/
The second Wight Trainer, No. 8322, with two-bay tapered wings and Gnome Monosoupape engine. There is no secondary tailplane.