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Thulin B

Страна: Швеция

Год: 1915

Sodertelje - SW.17 - 1917 - Швеция<– –>Thulin - D - 1915 - Швеция

J.Forsgren Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 68)

Thulin B

  The Thulin B was a licence-built Morane Saulnier MS 3L. A total of seven Thulin Bs were built, with two being donated to the navy. The first completed Thulin B featured an increased wing area (17,5 m2), being offered to the navy on February 16,1915. Although Thulin offered the Thulin B for maritime reconnaissance purposes, the type was considered too fragile as well as lacking the necessary engine power.
  Nevertheless,Thulin donated one Thulin B (c/n B1, most likely the one mentioned above) to the navy, with the airplane being accepted in August 1915. A second Thulin B (c/n B5) was obtained through a donation in August 1916, this time through funds (amounting to 24,288.63 kronor) provided by ’Women of Vasternorrland Province’.
  The Thulin B’s were initially issued with the designations M I and M II respectively, indicating the first and second Morane-Saulnier Type of airplanes. This was soon amended to Flygbat (Flying Boat, usually shortened to Fb) 1 and 2. Some sources quote another two serial numbers, 81 and 82.
  The Thulin B could carry a crew of two, pilot and observer. One each was based at Landskrona, covering the Oresund Strait, and Karlskrona, covering the southern Baltic Sea approaches. Both were flown on floats, augmenting the Farman HF 23’s on neutrality patrols.
  Remarkably, both of the Thulin B’s were lost on the same day, September 2, 1917. The first to go down was Fb 2, which crashed at New Cemetary near the Malmo gas works. The 28-year old pilot, Lieutenant Ivar B. Sandstrom was killed when he fell out of the airplane due to strong winds. The remaining Thulin B, Fb 1, crashed a few hours later, when lieutenant Beckman suffered engine failure off Landskrona. Although Beckman was uninjured, his Thulin B was damaged beyond repair in the rough seas. Both Thulin Bs were struck off charge in October 1917.

Thulin B floatplane Technical Data and Performance Characteristics
   Engine: 1 x 90 h.p. Thulin A rotary engine
   Length: 6,5 m
   Wingspan: 9,5 m
   Height: 2,55 m
   Wing area: 16,00 m2
   Empty weight: 422 kg
   Maximum weight: 582 kg
   Maximum speed: 135 km/h
   Rate of climb to 1,000 metres: Six minutes
   Armament: -

J.Forsgren - Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 /Centennial Perspective/ (68)
Two Thulin B’s were delivered to the MFV. Via Swedish Aviation Historical Society