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Lubeck-Travemunde F.3

Страна: Германия

Год: 1917

Lubeck-Travemunde - F.1/F.2/F.4 - 1914 - Германия<– –>LVG - monoplane - 1913 - Германия

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

   This firm also built a single-seat seaplane. Marine No. 844, powered with a 150 h.p. Benz engine. No other details or photo available.

J.Herris German Seaplanes of WWI (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 15)

Lubeck-Travemunde F3

  Little is known about the Lubeck-Travemunde F3 single-seat floatplane fighter and only the above photograph has been discovered. Ordered in July 1916 when the German Navy was determined to procure single-seat floatplane fighters to protect its naval air stations, the F3 was powered by the 150 hp Benz Bz.III, the same engine used in many of its competitors.
  The F3 seems to have suffered prolonged development, but because the SVK did not accept the F3 its completion and testing dates are not known. By the end of 1917 the Brandenburg W12 two-seat floatplane fighter had proven itself in combat. The Brandenburg W12 clearly demonstrated the improved combat effectiveness of a good two-seat seaplane fighter compared to single-seaters, and the German Navy was no longer interested in singleseat floatplane fighters, even proven designs like the Albatros W4 and the Rumpler 6B types. The SVK declined acceptance of the F3 on March 23, 1918 and only the single F3 was built. Other than the powerplant, no other technical data has survived.

Lubeck-Travemunde F3 Specifications
Engine: 150 hp Benz Bz.III

J.Herris - German Seaplanes of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (15)
The Lubeck-Travemunde F3 single-seat fighter, Marine Number 844, was powered by a 150 hp Benz Bz.III.
The Lubeck-Travemunde F3 was a prototype for a floatplane fighter. The ungraceful design featured a Nieuport-type wing cellule and remained a single prototype.