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Filiasi biplane

Страна: Италия

Год: 1910

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J.Davilla Italian Aviation in the First World War. Vol.2: Aircraft A-H (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 74)


  Marquis Francesco Filiasi of Naples, a talented musician, built his first model airplane in 1903.
  He contacted the Ministero della Guerra (Ministry of War), who entrusted the plans under examination to tenenti Calderara and Savoia. It was built by the Societa di Costruzioni Meccaniche di Roma (Mechanical Construction Company of Rome).
  On the morning of 3 June, it was flight tested by Calderara using a 50-hp Gnome engine supplied by the Asteria Company of Turin.
  Calderara managed to reach an altitude of four meters.
  In a second test, rolling on the stony ground, he collided with a large heap of hidden stones which brought the aircraft to an abrupt stop. There was significant damage to the propeller, tail and undercarriage.
  It took several days to repairs, and on 20 July he carried out a flight test; this one also ended with the landing gear breaking on rough ground.
  On 1 August, Calderara made a third flight. This was somewhat more successful as this time he flew for 42 minutes. The next flight was one minute and 50 seconds. The fourth flight that day lasted one hour and 35 minutes, but on landing, the skid failed resulting in a fractured propeller.
  The tests were repeated on 4, 12, and 13 August, but with unsatisfactory results. It was necessary to return the airplane to the workshop. Further repair and testing were ended.
  This was the first Italian airplane built by the Brigata Specialisti (Specialists Brigade); no attempts were made to develop the type any further.

J.Davilla - Italian Aviation in the First World War. Vol.2: Aircraft A-H /Centennial Perspective/ (74)
Pilot attempting to take off in the Filiasi. (Roberto Gentilli)