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Macchi M.12

Страна: Италия

Год: 1918

Macchi - M.5 / M.6 - 1917 - Италия<– –>Macchi - M.14 - 1918 - Италия

J.Davilla Italian Aviation in the First World War. Vol.3: Aircraft M-W (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 75)

Macchi M.12

  The identity of the M.10 and M.11 are unknown.
  A reconnaissance/bomber flying-boat, the Macchi M.12 represented an attempt to achieve a worthwhile improvement in speed and defensive armament by comparison with contemporary the M.9. Designed in late 1918, the M.12 was powered by a single 450-hp Ansaldo-San Giorgio 4 E/28 engine driving a pusher propeller, but had an unconventional wide forward hull which terminated aft of the wings. Attached to the rear of the hull were two booms, which supported a twin-fin-and-rudder tail unit. The crew comprised a pilot and two gunners, the latter in cockpits in the bow and behind the wing. This arrangement gave the rear gunner a wide field of fire above and below the tailplane. All cockpits were interconnected by an internal passage which permitted the nose and tail gunners to switch positions.
  The M.12 carried a radio, a camera and a bomb load of up to 882 lb (400 kg), plus two 7.7mm (0.303-in) machineguns.
  The aircraft’s mission was to have been high speed reconnaissance and bombing.
  Produced just at the end of the war, it does not appear that more than one or two examples were ordered by the Regia Marina. There is no record of any M.12s reaching front line units for operational evaluation.
  The M.12bis of 1919 was a civil version with provision for three passengers in an enclosed cabin. It had a cruising speed of 103 mph (165 km/h).

Macchi M.12 Three-Seat Long-Range Flying Boat with One 450-hp Ansaldo-San Giorgio 4 E/ 28 Engine
  Wingspan was 17.00 m; length 10.90 m; height 3,66 m; wing area 61.0 sq m
  Empty weight 1,780 kg; payload 780 kg; loaded weight 2560 kg
  Maximum speed 190 km/h; climb to 3,000 m in 28 minutes 30 seconds; range 750 to 950 km; ceiling 5,500 m
  Armament was 2 7,7-mm Fiat machine guns in nose and tail positions and four 162 mm mines

J.Davilla - Italian Aviation in the First World War. Vol.3: Aircraft M-W /Centennial Perspective/ (75)
The Macchi-Nieuport Boat, with double rudder.
Macchi M.12. (Roberto Gentilli)