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Salmson Sal.4

Страна: Франция

Год: 1918

Salmson - Sal.3 - 1917 - Франция<– –>Salmson-Moineau - S.M.1 (Sal 1 A3) - 1916 - Франция

J.Herris - Weird Wings of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (70)
Seeing the success of the armored German aircraft, in 1918 France issued a requirement for a lightly armored ground-attack two-seater with T.S.F. and camera. The Vendome biplane and the Salmson 4 were designed to this requirement. The Salmson 4, powered by a 260 hp Salmson water-cooled radial, was basically an enlarged, armored derivative of the Salmson 2 reconnaissance aircraft. The Salmson 4 was selected for production in May 1918 and 12 were assigned to front-line escadrilles by the armistice. No others were built and it was withdrawn from service in 1920.