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Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane

Страна: США

Год: 1917

Herring - biplane - 1897 - США<– –>Hulbert - aeroplane - 1910 - США

J.Herris - Weird Wings of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (70)
The Sperry Flying Bomb was built by Curtiss and its control system was installed by the Sperry Gyroscope Company. It was powered by a 90 hp Curtiss OX-5 engine and was designed to carry 1,000 pounds of explosives. It was a cruise missile intended to fly a preset course, altitude, and distance before diving into its target. Cruise speed was 90 mph and the range was 50 miles. The airframe was as simple as possible, but cost of the engine seems not to have been an issue. Development of the control system was protracted and the Armistice stopped the program.
J.Herris - Weird Wings of WWI /Centennial Perspective/ (70)