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Savoia-Pomilio SP.2 / SP.3

Страна: Италия

Год: 1915

SAML - S.1/S.2 - 1917 - Италия<– –>Savoia-Pomilio - SP.4 - 1917 - Италия

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

This machine was what their Italian crew said 'siamo perduti' (S.P.) translated ' we are lost'. It was not very popular.

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
Savoia-Pomilio SP-2.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
A Row of Pomilio S.P. (Savoia-Pomilio Biplanes. S.P.s in S.P.2, 3 and 4 version served from 1915 onwards as reconnaissance and artillery observation biplanes. S.P.2 version used one 260 h.p. Fiat A.12 engine to achieve 91 m.p.h. Those illustrated are probably 300 h.p. A 12 bis-powered S.P.3s.
H.Cowin - Aviation Pioneers /Osprey/
Deliveries of the 300 Savoia-Pomilio SP 3 two-seat reconnaissance machines might have been more understandable had they been made two or even three years earlier, as it was they started in mid-1917. Clearly, by this time, not even the powerful 300hp Fiat A 12Bis fitted could give this tired old pusher-engined design sufficient impetus to extricate it from hostile fighter attack. The resultant operational loss rate was high and SP 3 crew morale low.