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Levy-Lepen GL.40 / HB.2 / R

Страна: Франция

Год: 1918

Three-seater Flying Boat

Levy-Gaillat - airplane - 1908 - Франция<– –>Leyat - biplane - 1911 - Франция

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Levy-Lepen Type R with a 300hp Renault. Apparently this 3-seater was very popular in Africa an inaugaurated at number of airline routes!

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911 (Putnam)


The Navy operated 12 French two/three seat Levy-Lepen HB-2 reconnaissance flying-boats from its Le Croisac base in France in 1918. These were in operation from June 7, 1918, until the Armistice. Three were brought to the US and were assigned Navy serial numbers A5650, A5651 and A5657. Power plant, 300 hp Renault. Span, 60 ft 8 in; length, 40ft 8 in; gross weight, 5,181lb; max speed, 93 mph.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919

Levy built 100 GL40s (R for Renault engine) for the French in 1918.
Type of machine Three-seater Flying Boat. Type R.
Span Upper plane. 18 m. 50;
   Lower plane, 12 m. 00.
Overall length 12 m. 40.
Maximum height 3 m. 85.
Total surface 68 sq.m.
Engine type and h.p. Renault. 300 h.p.
Weight of machine empty 1450 kgs.
Disposable load 1,000 kgs.
   Speed 145 km.p.h.

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers - United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 /Putnam/
A Levy-Lepen HB-2 flying-boat as used by the Navy.
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
A Levy-Le pen of the Belgian institution Cenac (Comite d'Etudes pour le Navigation Aerienne au Congo) which explains the clover leave marking on the fuselage on your first drawing. The Cenac was operational from February 1920 onwards being renamed L.A.R.A. (Ligne Aerienne Roi Albert) when the experimental phase ended positively. Around 15 aircraft were operational at one time.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
Georges Levy Type R Flying Boat
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/