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Pfalz E.V

Страна: Германия

Год: 1916


Pfalz - D.4 - 1916 - Германия<– –>Pfalz - D.III/D.IIIa - 1917 - Германия

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

Pfalz E V
   Yet another variant of the standard E type airframe, with the 100 h.p. Mercedes engine installed. Some twenty examples were built. Engine, 100 h.p. Mercedes D I. Span, 10.2 m. (33 ft. 5 3/8 in.). Length, 6.6 m, (21 ft. 7 7/8 in.). Height, 2.6 m. (8 ft. 6 3/8 in.). Area. 16 sq.m. (172 sq.ft.). Weights: Empty, 510 kg. (1,122 lb.). Loaded, 696 kg. (1,531 lb.). Speed, ca. 165 km.hr. (103.12 m.p.h.). Duration, 2 hr. Armament, one Spandau machine-gun.

W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters

PFALZ E V Germany

   Although, by early 1916, the more rugged and manoeuvrable biplane configuration was demonstrating a clear superiority over the monoplane in the fighting role, the Pfalz Flugzeug-Werke persisted with the latter and developed the E V and E VI. The E V, which completed its Typen-Prufung in July 1916, employed an essentially similar airframe to that of the E IV, this being mated with a 105 hp Daimler D I six-cylinder water-cooled engine, armament reverting to a single LMG 08/15 machine gun. Twenty E Vs were built, but the advent of more efficient and more powerful biplanes rendered the E V obsolescent prior to delivery and only three saw frontline service.

Max speed, 102 mph (165 km/h).
Endurance, 2.0 hrs.
Empty weight, 1,124 lb (510 kg).
Loaded weight, 1,534 lb (696 kg).
Dimensions as for E IV.

J.Herris Pfalz Aircraft of WWI (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 5)

Pfalz E.V

   The Pfalz E.V used a 100 hp Mercedes D.I in-line six-cylinder engine cooled by a nose-mounted, automobile-type radiator, giving it a distinctive appearance. Based on the E.IV airframe, the more streamlined E.V was slightly faster despite its lower power, but the basic pre-war Morane-Saulnier design was incapable of further development. To offset the extra weight of the liquid-cooled engine, only a single machine gun was mounted. By the time the E.V passed its Typenprufung (Type Test) in July 1916, the first German biplane fighters, Halberstadt D.IIs, were already at the front. Because the performance and maneuverability of the E.V were inferior to the Halberstadt biplane already in service, only 20 Pfalz E.V aircraft were built, mostly to keep the Pfalz factory active, and a maximum of only three were recorded in the frontline inventory in June 1916. Two were later transferred to the navy.

Pfalz E.V Specifications
Engine: 100 hp Mercedes D.I
Wing: Span 10.20 m
Chord 1.80 m
Area 16.0 sq m
General: Length 6.60 m
Height 2.60 m
Empty Weight 510 kg
Loaded Weight 670 kg
Maximum Speed: 165 kmh

J.Herris - Development of German Warplanes in WWI /Centennial Perspective/
The Pfalz E.V was the only E-type with a water-cooled engine, a 100hp Mercedes D.I. It was faster than the more powerful E.IV but mounted only one gun. Superior biplane fighters were already arriving at the Front and only 20 were built. The pre-war design used by Pfalz was not stressed for combat maneuvers and after some structural failures, all Pfalz E-types were withdrawn from the front.
This new Pfalz E.V stands ready for flight on the Speyer airfield. Despite significantly lower power than the Pfalz E.IV, the more streamlined E.V was faster, but the basic Morane-Saulnier design was incapable of further development. Superior German and Allied biplane fighters were already in service, sealing the fate of the E.V.
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
Pfalz test pilot Eugen Wincziers poses with Pfalz E.V 267/16. The E.V was powered by a 100 hp Mercedes D.I engine and armed with a single Spandau LMG 08 machine gun.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
The Pfalz E.V monoplane. - This machine closely resembles the fixed engine Fokker. Not all of the 20 ordered were built. 100 h.p. Mercedes D.I engine, allowing 103 m.p.h.
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
A rare Pfalz E.V is shown at the factory. It was the only Pfalz E-type powered by a water-cooled engine, a 100 hp Mercedes D.I. Its streamlining made it faster than the Pfalz E.IV with 160 hp Oberursel U.III rotary.
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
Three rare aircraft are captured in this photo. A Pfalz E.VI in the foreground was hand painted with lozenge patterns to test a new camouflage system; it retains the national insignia on the elevators. The Pfalz E.V Typenprufung machine in the background dates this photo to July 1916. Directly behind the E.VI is Albatros C.IV C.850/16 as can be determined by its distinctive wing and interplane struts.
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
Pfalz E.V
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
Pfalz E.V
J.Herris - Pfalz Aircraft of WWI /Centennial Perspective/
Pfalz E.V