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TNCA Serie A

Страна: Мексика

Год: 1916

Nanyuan - Gunbus No.1 - 1915 - Китай<– –>TNCA - Serie B - 1916 - Мексика

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TNCA stands for Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronauticas.
   This machine carries the designation 6A19 which signifies the machine as the 6th machine of Type A and the 19th aircraft built by the TNCA.
   This machine (6A19) was powered by a 160 hp Hispano Suiza, and it was also historic. It carried the first airmail in the Mexican Republic on a flight on 6 july 1917 from the city of Pachuna to the airfield of Balbuena (on the outskirts of Mexico City).

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919

Mexican Government Two-Seater Biplane
(Constructed in the Mexican National Aeronautical Workshops.)
Type of machine Mexican Two-seater Biplane
Name or type No. of machine Series A.
Purpose for which intended General purposes.
Span 10.15 metres.
Total surface of wings 35.2 sq. metres.
Engine type and h.p. "Aztatl" 6-cyl. Radial; 80 h.p.
Load per sq. metre 18.76 kgs.
Weight per h.p. 8.2 kgs.
Tank capacity in hours 40 litres petrol; 20 litres oil.
   Speed low down 90 k.p.h.
Disposable load apart from fuel 140 kgs.
Total weight of machine loaded 520 kgs.

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