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Liore et Olivier monoplane

Страна: Франция

Год: 1909

Leyat - biplane - 1911 - Франция<– –>Liore et Olivier - LeO H.6 - 1919 - Франция

L.Opdyke French Aeroplanes Before the Great War (Schiffer)

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Журнал Flight

Flight, November 13, 1909



   MONOPLANE, in which the two principal characteristics are the divided wings and the twin tractor screws. Each wing is made in two parts of approximately equal proportions, the front member being rigidly connected to the frame and the trailing portion being hinged to the other half. The object is to obtain a wing of variable camber. No trials have, so far as we are aware, been made to demonstrate the practicability of handling such a device in actual flight. In order to overcome the obvious difficulty of keeping the trailing wings from bending out of shape, they have been enclosed in a kind of cage formed by a series of steel rods, which virtually perform the duty of external ribs. The arrangement of these rods is shown in an accompanying sketch, where it will be observed how they are attached to the hinge, and are the actual members by means of which variations of position are imparted lo the wings.
   Another special feature, shown on a larger scale in one of our photographs, is the use of twin screws, driven in opposite directions from duplicate chain-sprockets. This latter is a precaution against the disturbing influence of the gyroscopic force produced by fly-wheel like members such as propellers.
   In the same illustration the elastic suspension of the chassis-wheels is shown very clearly. Elastic, either in conjunction with coiled steel or alone, is a favoured material for use in the suspension of flyers, and manufacturers are not hesitating to ask a high price for these new "springs," the material alone we have heard quoted at L5, per yard in the Salon.
   The chassis frame is made of tubular steel, and carries extensions which brace the propeller-brackets. These brackets are mounted on the leading spars of the wings, which are themselves stayed by many wires radiating from each extremity of a central mast.

L.Opdyke - French Aeroplanes Before the Great War /Schiffer/
The twin-propeller Liore et Olivier.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Liore (W.L.D.) Monoplane at Paris Flight Show.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Liore (W.L.D.) Monoplane at Paris Flight Show, showing the clutch and gearing,
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
PARIS FLIGHT SALON. - View looking down the Grand Palais. The machines seen prominently in the stands are - on the right a Chauviere (makers of the famous propellers), a Vintlon helicoptere, and then two Bleriots; on the left side are a Dutheil-Chalmers biplane, a "W.L.D." monoplane, the Henriot monoplane, and two Antoinettes. Hanging from the roof is the gas-bag of one of the Zodiac dirigibles, and in the far distance the great yellow spherical balloon of the Continental Co.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Sketch showing the manner in which the trailing plane on the Liore flyer is held in a cage.