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Mann & Overtons monoplane

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1910

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Mann and Overtons Monoplane

   The Mann and Overtons Monoplane was designed and built by Mann and Overtons Ltd., coachbuilders of 15 Commercial Road, Pimlico, S.W.I, and was a diminutive single-seater reminiscent of the Demoiselle. It was displayed at the Olympia Aero Show of 1910, and was fitted with the 35 h.p. Anzani engine. The open fuselage was of steel tubing. The machine was tested late in 1910 at the Midland Aero Club's grounds at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton, but was unsuccessful. Span, 18 ft. 4 ins. Length, 20 ft. Wing area, 128 sq. ft. Weight loaded, 536 lb. Maximum speed, 45 m.p.h. Price, ?300.

Журнал Flight

Flight, March 12, 1910


Mann and Overtons.

   A MONOPLANE, very much on the lines of Santos Dumont's "Demoiselle," fitted with a twin-cylinder V-type air-cooled Anzani engine of 20-h. p.

Flight, April 9, 1910



Leading Particulars of the Mann and Overtons (Santos Dumont Type).

General Dimensiotis.-Areas-Main planes, 128 sq. ft. elevator, 16 sq. ft.; rudder, 6 1/2 sq. ft.
Lengths.-Span, 18 ft. 4 ins.; chord, 7 ft.; camber, 3 1/4 ins.; skid track, 3 ft. 8 ins.; overall length, 20 ft.
Materials.-Wooden frame, tubular steel axle.
Engine.-30-h.p. Anzani.
Propeller.-Diameter, 6 ft. 6 ins.
Weight.-Machine, with engine, 326 lbs.; driver, oil, petrol and water, 200 lbs.; total flying weight, 536 lbs.; loading (all weight supported on main planes), 42 lbs. per sq. ft.
Speed of Flight.-45 m.p.h.
System of Control.-Warping of wings, rudder and elevator.

   MONOPLANE of Santos Dumont type but having main frame constructed of hollow wood spars, instead of being made of tubular steel. The struts in the main frame, like those in the chassis, are made of tubular steel, as in the original Santos Dumont design. The disposition of the engine and of the pilot's seat is relatively the same, but the details of control are different. The Santos Dumont type of tail, however, is retained. The lever on the pilot's left operates a rudder by a to-and-fro motion, and the warping of the wings by a sideways movement; on the pilot's right is a lever controlling the elevator.

P.Lewis - British Aircraft 1809-1914 /Putnam/
OLYMPIA, 1910. - A light-weight monoplane of the Santos Dumont "Demoiselle" type exhibited by Mann and Overton.
Журнал - Flight за 1910 г.