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Montgomery Double Monoplane

Страна: США

Год: 1905


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Журнал Flight

Flight, November 11, 1911.

Death of J. T. Montgomery.

   WE regret having to record the death of Prof. John f. Montgomery, of California, which took place while he was experimenting with his gliders at Santa Clara. One of the earliest practical workers, and also one of the closest students of the science, Mr. Montgomery was, perhaps, best known to the public through the experiments made with his Langley type gliders by Maloney, who launched himself into the air on these machines after ascending with them attached to a balloon.

Flight, November 25, 1911.


   In connection with the death of Professor John J. Montgomery, of Santa Clara College, who succumbed on October 31st to injuries received while conducting further experiments with his gliders, it is interesting to recall that his double monoplane glider was, according to his claim, the first in the country to employ wing warping on cambered surfaces. With this glider he met with a tremendous amount of success, and during the year 1905 glides of long duration from various heights up to 4,000 feet were made. Despite the fact that so much success was attained with this machine, all attempts to equip it with propeller and power plant during the past few years have failed. It is extremely sad to think that the work of such a clever pioneer should have been cut short by a fall from a height of only 20 feet.

Flight, July 5, 1913.


   Another American pioneer was Prof. Montgomery, who designed and constructed some very successful tandem monoplane gliders in California. They were flown by Maloney, who was accustomed to ascend in a balloon in order to obtain the requisite initial altitude. The Montgomery gliders were designed for automatic stability, and apparently gave good results, for it was essentially an entanglement of the launching gear that ultimately caused Maloney's death.

Журнал - Flight за 1911 г.
The late Prof. John J. Montgomery on his glider, upon which he met his death at San Jose, California, on October 31st, as recently recorded in FLIGHT.
The only pure derivative that did fly, and looked remarkably like the original Walker, was John J. Montgomery’s glider, which the professional parachute-jumper D. Maloney launched from a hot-air balloon in California in 1905. Maloney made two hazardous landings, but on the third launch he crashed and was killed.
Журнал - Flight за 1913 г.
Montgomery's tandem monoplane glider piloted by Maloney. The experiments were made in California about 1905, and were noteworthy on account of the automatic stability of the machine as demonstrated by the fact that several successful glides were accomplished after preliminary ascents in a balloon.