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Porter Gyropachute

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1913


Porter - helicopter - 1908 - Великобритания<– –>Portway - aeroplane - 1910 - Великобритания

M.Goodall, A.Tagg British Aircraft before the Great War (Schiffer)

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P.Lewis British Aircraft 1809-1914 (Putnam)

Porter Gyropachute

   Known as the Gyropachute and designed by J. Robertson Porter of 9 Grays Inn Square, London, E.C., the Porter single-seat direct-lift gyroscopic parachute was exhibited at the 1913 Olympia Aero Show. Power was provided by the 50 h.p. Gnome engine. Diameter, 14 ft. Height. 1 1 ft. Parachute area, 400 sq. ft. Weight empty, 350 lb.

Журнал Flight

Flight, February 8, 1913.



Mr. J. R. Porter, A.M.I.C.E.

   A helicopter will be shown on this stand, a general idea of which can be gathered from the sketch we publish. The machine will consist of two parachute surfaces, one above the other, with a centrifugal propeller, driven by a 50-h.p. Gnome motor, mounted between them. The engine will be provided with gearing, so that the propeller may be reversed. Means will be provided to produce a forward motion by the use of flaps, which, the inventor states, control the air travelling between the two surfaces. The diameter of the outer parachute will be 14 ft., and the machine will stand about 11 ft. high. Accommodation is provided for the pilot in a small boat or coracle swung some distance below the parachute surfaces.

M.Goodall, A.Tagg - British Aircraft before the Great War /Schiffer/
Porter Gyropachute was an unusual type exhibited at Olympia in March 1913 of which no more was heard.
Журнал - Flight за 1913 г.
The Porter 50-h.p. Helicopter.
M.Goodall, A.Tagg - British Aircraft before the Great War /Schiffer/