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Jatho Stahltaube

Страна: Германия

Год: 1913

Jaritz - 2nd monoplane - 1914 - Германия<– –>Jeannin - monoplane - 1911 - Германия

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913

JATHO. Jatho Flugzeugwerke, G.m.b.H., Stader Chaussee 32, Hannover. Karl Jatho built his first aeroplane in 1899, and has produced machines at intervals ever since. Capacity: small.

Length..............feet(m.) 29? (9)
Span................feet(m.) 49? (15)
Area............sq.feet(m?.) 345 (32)
Weight, total.....lbs.(kgs.) 2116 (960)
Weight, useful....lbs.(kgs.) 992 (450)
Motor..................h.p. 100 N.A.G.
Speed............m.p.h.(km.) 75 (120)
Endurance..............hrs. 3
Number built during 1912... 2


Журнал Flight

Flight, September 11, 1914.


21. The Jatho Steel Taube.
   THIS monoplane is, as the name implies, built throughout of steel; even the wing ribs are made of this material. The fuselage is nearly rectangular in section, the bottom being only slightly narrower than the top. It is constructed of steel tubes autogeneous welded. In front the longerons converge to form a very good entry for the air. Enclosed in this part of the body is the crank-case of the engine - a 100 h.p. Mercedes; whilst the cylinders project through the aluminium covering. Pilot's and passenger's seats are placed well down inside very roomy cockpits, where the occupants are protected against the wind. In front of the pilot is a dashboard with a very complete set of instruments, including barograph, tachometer, map case, watch, inclinometer, compass, &c. The petrol and oil tanks, which are placed low down in the fuselage, contain a supply sufficient for a flight of 7 hours' duration. As the speed of the machine is about 78 m.p.h it has a radius of action of something like 273 miles.
   The wings are of the usual Zanonia form generally employed in monoplanes of the Taube type. The spars are made of steel tubes, and the ribs, as we have already mentioned, are also of steel. On each side of the fuselage part of the wings have been left uncovered in order to provide a better view in a downward direction.
   The constructors of the Jatho steel Taube also build a racing type monoplane with a 150 h.p. engine, and a light sporting monoplane fitted with a Gnome motor.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913 /Jane's/
Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
21. The Jatho Steel Taube.