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Union Arrow biplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1913

Tweer - monoplane - 1914 - Германия<– –>Union - Floatplane - 1913 - Германия

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913

UNION FLUGZEUGWERKE. Union Flugzeugwerke G.m.b.H. Elsenstrasse 106 & 107, Berlin s.o. 36. Established 1913. Capital 500,000 marks. Capacity of works: 20 machines a year.

Model and date. Pfeilflieger,

Length..............feet(m.) 32? (10)
Span................feet(m.) 59 (18)
Area...........sq. feet(m?.) 450 (42)
Weight, total.....lbs.(kgs.) 1235 (560)
Weight, useful....lbs.(kgs.) 617 (280)
Motor...................... 100 Argus
Speed, max.......m.p.h.(km.) 69 (110)
Speed, min.......m.p.h.(km.) 62 (100)
Number built during 1912... New firm

Журнал Flight

Flight, September 18, 1914.


34. The Union Arrow Biplane
has its main planes sloping backwards at a very pronounced angle. Its fuselage, which is of rectangular section, is very deep and narrow, and tapers to a vertical knife-edge at the rear, where are carried the tail planes, which consist of a fixed stabilising plane mounted on top of the fuselage, a divided elevator, and a vertical fixed fin, to the trailing edge of which is hinged the rudder. The chassis is of a very simple type, and consists of two pairs of steel tubes, each pair of which forms a "V" as seen from the side. The tubular axle rests in the angle between the chassis struts, from which it is sprung by means of rubber shock-absorbers. In addition to the slope backwards and the dihedral angle, the main planes are heavily staggered forward.

Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
34. The Union Arrow biplane.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913 /Jane's/
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
This is the Union Pfeil Doppeldecker with a Stahherz radial engine photographed in the 1914 Dreieickflug in Germany held on May 30, 1914. Pilot is W. Hohndorf.