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Boland monoplane flying-boat

Страна: США

Год: 1914

Boland - flying-boat - 1914 - США<– –>Breese - Penguin - 1917 - США

Журнал Flight

Flight, October 16, 1914.


The Boland Monoplane Flying Boat (Fig. 3).

   which made its first appearance at the New York Aero and Motor Boat Show in February this year, possesses several distinct features in design in addition to the jib control. It, also, is of the canard type, having a single pivoted elevator right forward. The boat is of quite unusual design, being very long and narrow, viz. :- 19 ft. 3 ins. and 2 ft. 10 ins. respectively. It is provided with two hydroplane steps spaced 6 ft. apart, and the bottom is flat except at the stern, which is concave. The hull, almost rectangular in section, is built up of mahogany ribs and stays covered with one-ply spruce and a layer of Irish linen doped with "Conover" and enamel varnish. Ash gunwales, 3 ins. deep, extend from stern to bows along the deck, and support at the forward extremities the elevator, which measures 9 ft. span by 3 ft. 6 ins. chord. The pilot's seat is situated in the hull amidships, and is protected by a scuttle dash; the passenger's seat is behind, immediately under the leading edge of the main planes and the horizontal centre of gravity. A small rudder is mounted under the stern to facilitate steering when taxying over the water.
   The wings are in two sections, and are mounted some 3 ft. above the stern of the boat on either side of the engine bearers, which are supported on the gunwales by three pairs of struts. Each wing is built up on two main spars and double-surfaced, having a camber of 4 1/2 ins. tapering to 3 3/4 ins. and set at a dihedral angle of about 1 1/2°. The top wing bracing is by a central hollow mast of laminated oak and mahogany, fastened in the keel. This mast also carries sockets taking the roots of the front wing spars. Under bracing is by a girder understructure, extending from the boat outwards under the wings, the extremities carrying auxiliary floats and the balancing jibs. The latter are similar in shape to those on the previous machines, and function in exactly the same manner. The engine, a 70 h.p. Boland, is mounted between the wings behind the rear spars, and a portion of the trailing edge of the wings is cut away to receive the propeller, which is 6 ft. 8 ins. diameter. The radiator is mounted in front of the engine, and the fuel tank is underneath. The principal dimensions, are as follows :- Span, 28 ft. 8 ins.; chord, 6 ft. 10 ins.; supporting area (main planes), 181 sq. ft.; overall length, 20 ft. 8 ins.; weight (complete machine), 900 lbs.

Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
Fig. 3. - Plan, side and front elevation of the Boland monoplane flying boat.