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Boland flying-boat

Страна: США

Год: 1914

Boland - biplane - 1913 - США<– –>Boland - monoplane flying-boat - 1914 - США

Журнал Flight

Flight, October 16, 1914.


The New Boland Flying Boat

   is the latest development of the Boland system, and is the first product of the Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co. of Avondale, N.J., formed recently to manufacture machines under the Boland patents. As will be seen from Fig. 4, this machine follows more conventional lines, and differs mainly in that no vertical rudder, ailerons or wing warping are employed. The boat has a single step situated at a point under the centre of gravity, and forward of the step the bottom is of V-form. The main framing consists of spruce longitudinals, 3/4 ins. square, with steam bent ash ribs 5/16 x 5/8 ins., spaced from 4 to 6 ins. The hull consists of an inner skin of cedar laid spirally about the tail, and from backbone to backbone forward of the step, covered with sheeting laid in marine glue. Over this is an outer covering of cedar laid fore and aft. Four transverse bulkheads, consisting of two and three skins laid diagonally with interlayers of canvas, provide five water-tight compartments and also serve to stiffen the hull. Auxiliary floats are mounted under the lower plane extremities. An arrangement of disappearing wheels for land use is also fitted, consisting of two wheels mounted forward of the centre of gravity on either side of the hull, with castor action and shock-absorbers similar to the Bleriot running gear. The wheels are raised out of the water into a stream-lined box, and lowered, from the pilot's seat, which is in the hull forward of the step and of the main planes. The latter are in three sections, an inner one 5 ft. 6 ins. span mounted on the boat, and two outer ones each 18 ft. 4 ins. span which are attached to the inner section. The control jibs, almost elliptical in shape, are pivoted at an angle of 45°, 22 ins. from the outer ends of the main planes. The planes are built up on two main spars of spruce, the front one forming the leading edge measuring i? ins. by 2 ins., and the rear one 1 in. by 3 ins. The ribs are of laminated spruce ribs with top and bottom flanges, and the struts are also of laminated spruce. The tail consists of a fixed stabilising plane with an elevator hinged to the trailing edge mounted high up over the stern of the boat, to which it is attached by means of a framework connected to flush hoops entirely encircling the boat, thus avoiding any openings through the skin of the latter. Immediately under the tail plane is a vertical fin - no rudder being attached, steering being accomplished by means of the jibs. Steering when on the water is by side plate rudders at the step. The engine, an 8-cyl. V, water-cooled Boland, is mounted high up in the centre plane section, and drives direct an 8 ft. propeller situated at the rear of the planes. The principal dimensions are as follows :- Span, 42 ft. 2 ins.; chord and gap, 5 ft. 6 ins.; supporting area, 435 sq. ft.; overall length, 26 ft. 6 ins.; weight with full load, 2,000 lbs.

Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
Fig. 4. - Side elevation of the new Boland biplane flying boat.