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Beachey Looper

Страна: США

Год: 1914

Beachey - Tractor - 1913 - США<– –>Beachey - monoplane - 1915 - США

Журнал Flight

Flight, November 6, 1914.



   ONE of the foremost exponents of looping the loop in the "States" is Lincoln Beachey, one of America's most daring stunt flyers. His first looping demonstrations were accomplished on a specially built Curtiss biplane of 24 feet span, after which he used a small tractor biplane built for him by the Glenn L. Martin Co. He then collaborated with Mr. Warren Eaton, and produced the machine under notice, on which he has put up many successful looping demonstrations. The prominent feature of the Beachey biplane is its small size combined with high power, the main planes having a span of only 21 feet, whilst the engine fitted is an 80 h.p. Gnome monosoupape. In general appearance it resembles the Curtiss "headless" biplane, though it differs considerably in detail. The main planes are built up in three panel sections, one in the centre 3 feet in span, and two outer ones of 9 feet. Each plane is built up on two main spars, the front one of D-section forming the leading edge being 1 5/8 ins. by 1 1/4 ins., and the rear one close to the trailing edge measuring 1 1/2 ins. by 1 1/4 ins. The spruce ribs and front and rear spars are laminated the former horizontally, and the latter vertically. The wing section has a maximum camber of 1 7/8| ins. about 1 ft 6 ins. from the leading edge. Six pairs of struts separate the top and bottom planes, and the outer sections are easily and quickly dismantled and assembled. Pivoted to the two rear outer struts of the main planes are the ailerons for maintaining lateral control. They are interconnected so that when one goes up the other goes down, and each has an area of about 13 sq. ft. The engine is centrally mounted midway between the top and bottom planes, and drives direct a 7 ft. 9 ins. diameter propeller situated at the rear of the main planes. The tail consists of a fixed stabilizing plane carried by two pairs of V outriggers, with two elevator flaps hinged to the trailing edge; a partially balanced vertical rudder is mounted between the elevators. The landing chassis is absolutely rigid, the necessary resiliency being obtained from the 4-inch tyres of the three 20-inch wheels. The principal dimensions of this machine are:- Span 21 ft. (over ailerons 25 ft.); length 18 ft. 4 ins.; chord 3 ft. 6 ins.; gap, 3 ft. 9 ins.; supporting area 147 sq. ft.; weight in flying order 773 lbs. ; speed 84 m.p.h.: climbing speed 1,125 ft. per min.

G.Loening - Takeoff into Greatness /Putnam/
Lincoln Beachey, star of the exhibition era and the first in America to loop the loop.
G.Loening - Takeoff into Greatness /Putnam/
Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.