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Йорданов А. Йорданов-1

Страна: Болгария

Год: 1915

Williams - biplane - 1911 - Бельгия<– –>Калинов - Доган - 1915 - Болгария

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First Bulgarian Airplane
  In the Aeroplanno Otdelenie division, Assen gained expertise, he designed the first Bulgarian-made airplane, and it was built in the summer of 1915. Jordanoff test flew the plane, and it was subsequently named the Diplane (biplane) Jordanoff-1. August 10th, 1915, was considered as the beginning of Bulgarian aircraft industry. Jordanoff already became known as designer, mathematician, and inventor at his young age. He introduced a valuable new device, namely a feature which prevents the plane from losing altitude, into the new plane.
  Assen Jordanoff's airplane was at a first look similar to the planes of that time. It was a biplane with relatively short wings, to decrease the body weight and with increased spacing between them to improve the aerodynamic effect of the lower wing. The wing section was similar to that of Albatros. The cockpit and the fuselage were conceived with great care to diminish drag. The landing gear was reinforced with double tires for stability and safety when landing. The tail, vertical and horizontal stabilizers and the ailerons were similar to those built by Louis Bleriot. The innovation that helped at landing and at recovery from stalls was something like contemporary flaps, added between the wings.
  Jordanoff was awarded a scholarship to study abroad for his construction. His next and even more ambitious project was a heavier multi-engine plane. Unfortunately the rise of World War I cancelled his plans.
  First test flight being performed on 7 August 1915 by pilot Gavril Stoyanov. Several "official" flights by Captain Radul Milkov (Aeroplane Section CO) on 10 August 1915.
  Another Bulgarian design crashed during first test flight on 15 July 1915 killing its designer and a passenger.

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/