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Martin TT

Страна: США

Год: 1913

Martin - pusher biplane - 1912 - США<– –>Martin - S / L - 1915 - США

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers United States Military Aircraft Since 1909 (Putnam)


   The first of an eventual 17 Martin Model T and TT Trainers were sold to the Army in 1914 as the result of a request from Grover Loening, in charge of the Army Aviation School at San Diego, to adapt the current production tractor to dual control as a replacement for the Army’s unairworthy pusher trainers. The initial Ts were procured without engines, the Army installing its own 90 h.p. Curtiss OXs removed from other aero­planes. A number was shipped to the Philippine Islands for observation duty. A later version of the basic T design featured improved streamlining and a large wing with three bays of struts and used a variety of power plants including Curtiss OX, 125-h.p. Hall-Scott, and 135-h.p. Sturtevant.

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

First flown in 1913. A Martin TT (No.37, piloted by Oscar Brindley) fitted with floats won the 1915 Curtiss Marine trophy by flying 443.72 miles in less than 10 consecutive hours within one day. A total of 17 Martin TT's were delivered to the Army (procured less engines, first deliverys were in 1914).


Wingspan: 38 ft 8 in
Length: 26 ft 3-1/2 in
Height: 9 ft 4 in
Wing Area (less ailerons): 379 sq ft

Gross Weight: 1720 lb
Useful Load: 400 lb

Max Speed: 96 mph
Cruise Speed: 80 mph
Landing Speed: 45 mph

Glide Ratio: 12:1
Service Ceiling: 9500 ft
Record Climb: 5200 ft in 10 min 15 sec (1915)

Powerplant: OX-2 (90 hp)
Fuel: 50 gal

Журнал Flight

Flight, July 9, 1915.


   HUNTING wild game from an aeroplane is a sport which appears to be in a fair way to become popular with our cousins on the other side. The hilly country near Rosco, California, has been the scene recently of several hunting parties of this description, the sharpshooter being Fred Mills and the man at the wheel the well-known California pilot Glenn Martin. The plane used was one of the Martin tractor biplanes. Circling round over the surrounding country in wide circles at a height of 3,000 ft., Mills studied the ground below through his field glasses, and soon discovered a prowling coyote and his mate stalking a covey of quail. Shutting off the engine, the party glided down to within a hundred yards of the unsuspecting coyote, the machine was brought to an even keel, and Mills, leaning out of his cockpit and steadying himself against one of the inner plane struts, struck the animal down with a well directed shot. A similar fate overtook the other coyote. While the aviators were walking about picking up the dead animals a third unwisely approached within range and was promptly added to the bag. It appears that so noiseless had been the approach of the hunting party coming down in a glide with the engine cut off that the animals in the nearest vicinity of the landing place had heard nothing, and before starting for home the hunters were able to shoot a couple of bobcats, which were loaded on board with the rest of the game. In America when they are out for sport they are out some.

G.Loening - Takeoff into Greatness /Putnam/
The Army Signal Corps Aviation Section Flying School at San Diego, California, scene of the greatest U.S. aviation activity starting in 1913. Here was introduced the Martin TT training plane of tractor type, which was to play such an important role in the safety of our air operations.
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
G.Swanborough, P.Bowers - United States Military Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
Martin TT Serial 37
Журнал - Flight за 1915 г.
An American seaplane. - One of Glenn Martin's latest machines equipped with a 125 h. p. Hall-Scott 6-cyL motor. This seaplane is said to be capable of lifting a useful load of 1,000 lbs., and to bave a radius of action of 525 miles.
Журнал - Flight за 1915 г.
In a recent issue we published a photograph of one of the latest American seaplanes - the Glenn Martin. In the accompanying illustration is shown more clearly the wheel which is mounted on the main central float to prevent the machine from turning over on its nose when running up on the slipway after a flight.
G.Loening - Takeoff into Greatness /Putnam/
Glenn Martin and Mary Pickford in his tractor type of biplane.
Журнал - Flight за 1915 г.