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Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1916

RAF - R.E.8 - 1916 - Великобритания<– –>RAF - S.E.5/S.E.5a - 1916 - Великобритания

P.Hare Royal Aircraft Factory (Putnam)


  In mid-1917 a production R.E.8, A4600, had its wings replaced by those from a B.E.2d. Flight trials proved satisfactory and, since this wing structure was stronger than the standard R.E.8 assembly, drawings were prepared for a production version, to be designated the R.E.9.
  It may have been the intention of H P Folland, the machine's designer, to settle all the criticism levelled at the R.E.8, for, in addition to its new equal-span, two-bay wings with blunt tips and narrow-chord ailerons hinged from a false rear spar, the new machine was to have an enlarged fin and an aerodynamically balanced rudder. A second machine, A3561, was similarly modified, but had ailerons of slightly shorter span. However, test results showed no advantage in performance over that of the standard R.E.8, the rate of climb being somewhat poorer, and the new design was consequently not adopted for production.
  The eventual fate of the two machines is not known, although A3561 was retained at Farnborough as a test bed for some time, and was fitted with various modified control surfaces and also, during 1918, with a 265hp Sunbeam Maori engine.
  A broadly similar design, designated the R.T.1, was produced by the Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Company, where both F M Green and J Lloyd had taken up employment after leaving Farnborough. It appears to have been based upon preliminary work previously undertaken at the Royal Aircraft Factory concurrently with the R.E.9 project. The R.T.1 had a modified R.E.8 fuselage, for which type the company was.a contractor, to which were fitted two-bay wings of new design, the upper wing being of greater chord than the lower. Three prototypes were built and tested, but the type was not adopted by the RFC.

  Powerplant: 140hp R.A.F.4a V-12
   span 38ft 6in;
   chord 6ft 0in;
   wing area 382 sq ft;
   gap 6ft 3 1/2in;
   length 27ft 7in;
   height 10ft 5in.
  Weight: 2,803lb (loaded).
   ceiling 13,000ft.

H.King Armament of British Aircraft (Putnam)

R.E.9. This R.E.8 development was apparently intended to be armed as the standard version of the earlier aircraft.

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R.E.8 на аэродроме Бруклэндс. Снимок сделан 22 сентября 1917 г.
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A.2561 was fitted with a 265hp Sunbeam Maori engine.
P.Hare - Royal Aircraft Factory /Putnam/