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Grahame-White Type XV

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1914

Grahame-White - Type XIII 'Circuit of Britain' - 1914 - Великобритания<– –>Grahame-White - Type 18 - 1916 - Великобритания

M.Goodall, A.Tagg British Aircraft before the Great War (Schiffer)

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J.Bruce British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 (Putnam)

Grahame-White Type XV

  The ultimate form of the design, which appeared in 1916, looked much less primitive, thanks to the provision of a nacelle for the crew, and was the first version to have full dual control. The forward elevator was removed, but the wings retained the extensions. Power was provided by an 80 h.p. Gnome or Le Rhone engine. Most machines had the short tail-skids and balance cables for the ailerons, but No. 1600 (which provided the type with its Admiralty designation, viz., Grahame-White Biplane Type 1600) had long tail-skids and was without balance cables. It seems quite probable that some at least of the machines which appeared in this final form were produced by rebuilding early versions of the Box-kite design.
  The Grahame-White Box-kite in its several forms gave good but undistinguished service as an elementary trainer with both the R.F.C. and R.N.A.S. It was, in fact, regarded by the Admiralty as a standard type. A few went to Australia, where they were used at the Australian Central Flying School at Point Cook. At least three survived the Armistice and went on to the British Civil Register as K. 111 (later G-EABB), K.112 (G-EABG), and K.113 (G-EABD). Presumably they were intended for use at the Grahame-White flying school, but the registrations of the first two were cancelled in May, 1920, and G-EABD was cancelled on January 10th, 1923, probably long after it was last used.

  Manufacturers: The Grahame-White Aviation Co., Ltd., Hendon, London. Power: 50 h.p. Gnome; 60 h.p. Green; 80 h.p. Gnome; 80 h.p. Le Rhone.
  Service Use: Grahame-White School of Flying, Hendon; R.N.A.S. stations at Chingford, Eastbourne and Eastchurch; No. 31 Training Squadron, R.F.C., Wyton; No. 65 Squadron R.F.C. (training only); Australian Central Flying School, Point Cook, Werribee, Victoria.
  Production and Allocation: A total of 135 Grahame-White Type XV biplanes were built for the R.F.C. and R.N.A.S. The batch A.1661-A.1710 were delivered to the R.F.C., twenty-three in 1916 and twenty-seven in 1917. The others were delivered to the R.N.A.S.
  Serial Numbers: 1600; 3151-3162, built under Contract No. C.P.69521/15; 3607-3616, built under Contract No. C.P.101607/16; 8305-8316; 8752-8801; A.1661-A.1710.
  Notes on Individual Machines: 3152 and 3610 were used at the R.N.A.S. Station, Chingford; 8752 and 8753 were used at the Australian C.F.S., Point Cook; A. 1685 was used by No. 31 Training Squadron, R.F.C.

O.Thetford British Naval Aircraft since 1912 (Putnam)


   Known as the Type 1600 in RNAS service (the prototype, No.1600, is illustrated), this pusher biplane was extensively used as a trainer in the first part of the First World War, operating at the Royal Naval Air Station at Chingford as well as other schools. The RNAS received about 80, serial numbers 3151 to 3162, 3607 to 3616, 8305 to 8316 and 8752 to 8801. It was fitted with an 80 hp Gnome or Le Rhone rotary engine.

M.Goodall, A.Tagg - British Aircraft before the Great War /Schiffer/
GW Type XV. The first of many supplied to the RNAS and RFC fitted with a nacelle.
J.Bruce - British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 /Putnam/
Grahame-White Type XV. The ultimate form of the type with forward elevator removed and a nacelle fitted.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
The Grahame-White Type XV school biplane (1916 type, modified from 1914-15), with 80 h.p. Le Rhone engine. Adopted by the RNAS in early part of war.
J.Bruce - British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 /Putnam/
Grahame-White Type XV for the R.F.C. This machine has double-acting ailerons and short tail-skids (compare with No. 1600, which had single-acting ailerons and long tail-skids).
P.Lewis - British Aircraft 1809-1914 /Putnam/
The start of a race at Hendon.
Журнал - Flight за 1916 г.
AT HENDON. - Mr. C. Grahame-White on the new three-seater passenger 'bus.