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Poynter monoplane

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1910

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Poynter Monoplane

   During May 1910, Howard Wright built a single-seat tractor monoplane designed by E.J. Poynter, a well-known artist who lived near Brooklands. The monoplane was of sound design and bore the hall-marks of Wright's first class workmanship. It followed conventional construction of the period but was readily distinguishable by its large Demoiselle-style tail and tapered wings. Power was provided by a 60 hp Green engine driving a two-blade propeller. Construction was undertaken at Battersea and tests were made at Brooklands in June but the aircraft was never flown, because Poynter was injured in a car accident.

   Span 45 ft; length 28 ft; wing root chord 9 ft; wingtip chord 6 ft; wing area 320 sq ft; elevator area 60 sq ft; rudder area 30 sq ft.

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Poynter Monoplane

   The single-seat tractor Poynter Monoplane was designed by G. H. Poynter and built by Howard Wright in the Warwick Wright workshops. It was powered by the 60 h.p. Green engine and was tested at Brooklands during the summer of 1910. Span, 45 ft. Length, 28 ft. Wing area, 300 sq. ft.

S.Ransom, R.Fairclough - English Electric Aircraft and their Predecessors /Putnam/
Poynter had his monoplane built by Howard Wright in 1910. It was taken to Brooklands but never flown owing to an accident to the owner.
P.Lewis - British Aircraft 1809-1914 /Putnam/