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Burgess O, Gunbus

Страна: США

Год: 1915

Burgess - K - 1913 - США<– –>Burgess - S / U - 1915 - США

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

The Burgess Type O (Gunbus) pusher biplane of which 25 machines were bought by the RNAS, numbers 3657 to 3681.
   The machines were not very succesfull because all 25 of them were deleted in May 1916, some after very little use. All were used at Hendon, probably for training.

O.Thetford British Naval Aircraft since 1912 (Putnam)


   Thirty-six of these pusher biplanes (Nos.3657 to 3681 and 8258 to 8268) were purchased from the USA by the Admiralty in 1915. Some of them were test-flown at Hendon, but they were not a success and never entered squadron service. They went into storage at the White City and were finally condemned in May 1916. The power plant is a single 140 hp Sturtevant engine.

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O.Thetford - British Naval Aircraft since 1912 /Putnam/
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The Burgess machine in flight at Hendon.