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Sodertelje SW.17

Страна: Швеция

Год: 1917

Sodertelje - SW.16 - 1917 - Швеция<– –>Thulin - B - 1915 - Швеция

J.Forsgren Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 68)

SAF H 2/SW 17

  Designed by Lars Fjallback, the SAF H 2/SW 17 was a twin-float biplane rather similar in appearance to the Sopwith Baby. The design was a response to the MFV’s requirement for four small flying boats. On February 5,1916, the MFV placed an order for four H-2s, all to be delivered no later than May 5. However, five days before, on February 1, SAF was merged with Sodertalje Verkstader. The contract for the H-2s was formally taken over on February 14, and with the type being redesignated as the SW 17. In July 1916, the airplane was test flown at Bjorkudden near Sodertalje. In the event, the SW 17 proved disappointing, with the 80 h.p. Thulin A rotary engine being deemed largely responsible for the airplane’s performance being well below expectations.
  Subsequent test flights at Karlskrona showed the H 2 to have poor flight characteristics, particularly with regards to anticipated speed and rate of climb. When flown on skis during wintertime, with a redesigned upper wing having been fitted, performance was acceptable. Nevertheless, the SW 17 repeatedly failed to reach an altitude of 1,000 metres. As a result, the SW 17 was not accepted for service with the contract being cancelled on March 31,1917. Interestingly, in February 1917, SW officials stated that the SW 17 was “...a mathematical impossibility”, with Fjallback (who by this time had travelled to the USA) being deemed as “incompetent as a designer”.
  In the event, a buyer for the quartet of SW 17s was found in the Royal Danish Army Air Service. The intention was to use the SW 17s as landbased training airplanes. An export licence was granted on November 2, 1917, with all four incomplete SW 17s being delivered to Denmark during this month. Only two of the SW 17s were completed in Denmark, both being test flown in January 1918. However, only a very limited amount of flying was conducted, with one SW 17 being written off in a crash in May 1918. Unsurprisingly, the acquisition of the seemingly useless airplanes from Sweden resulted in harsh criticism in the Danish media.

SAF H 2/SW 17 Technical Data and Performance Characteristics
   Engine: 1x80 h.p. Thulin A
   Length: 7,10 m
   Wingspan: 8,06 m
   Height: 2,90 m
   Wing area: 23,00 m2
   Empty weight: n/a
   Maximum weight: n/a
   Maximum speed: 108 km/h
  Armament: -

J.Forsgren - Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 /Centennial Perspective/ (68)
The SW 17 was not accepted by the MFV. Via Swedish Aviation Historical Society
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
This is the Danish Sodertalje S. W. 17, which served from 1917-1924 as a biplace training aircraft. The machine was built by the Sodertalje Mekaniska Werkstad at Tojhusv?rkstederne