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Sodertelje SW.17

Страна: Швеция

Год: 1917

Sodertelje - SW.15 - 1917 - Швеция<– –>Thulin - D - 1915 - Швеция

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This is the Danish Sodertalje S. W. 17, which served from 1917-1924 as a biplace training aircraft. The machine was built by the Sodertalje Mekaniska Werkstad at Tojhusv?rkstederne
  Sodertelje Verkstaders Aviatikavdelning was situated in Sodertalje in Sweden.
  The aircraft started out as the Svenska Aeroplanfabriken H-2, four were ordered by the Swedish Marine on floats in December 1915, but SAF was closed down in February 1916 and was taken over by SW. The first aircraft was delivered in May 1916, but was never accepted because of poor performance, even if modifications were made up to February 1917. In August 1917 SW closed down its aviation department and the remains were sold to Thulin and the designation was changed to Thulin F, a name earlier used for an unfinished project, and in November the dismantled parts of the four aircraft were sold to Denmark, but only two were assembled.

Type: Biplan Anvendt: 1917-1924
Funktion: Skolefly Antal: 2 stk
Rejsefart: - km/t Max fart: 115 km/t
Sp?ndvidde: - m l?ngde: - m
Tom/fuldv?gt: - kg Bes?tning: 2

Enhed: H?rens Flyveskole
Fabrik: Sodertalje Mek. Werkstad /Tojhusv?rkstederne
Motor: Thulin, 90 HK
Bev?bning: Ingen

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