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Friedrichshafen FF21

Страна: Германия

Год: 1914

Friedrichshafen - FF19 - 1914 - Германия<– –>Friedrichshafen - FF29 / FF33 - 1914 - Германия

Журнал - Flight за 1916 г.
A German flying boat, type F.F.21, and some naval pilots and mechanics. - The machine is curiously like the big Sopwith bat boat exhibited at the last Olympla Aero Show, even to the engine, which appears to be similar to the Salmson. The similarity is so striking as to admit of only two explanations: either the machine is a captured Sopwith or a copy of the Sopwith built by the Flugzeugbau, Friedrichshafen.
Журнал - Flight за 1916 г.
A BATCH OF GERMAN SEAPLANES AT AN AIR STATION ON THE NORTH SEA COAST. - In the foreground will be seen a bat boat of the Sopwlth type.