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Maryland flying boat

Страна: США

Год: 1917

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Журнал Flight

Flight, November 29, 1917.


   VARIOUS types of machines have been built by the Maryland Aeroplane Co., which was incorporated at Baltimore, U.S.A., last year, but they have specialised principally in flying boats. The accompanying illustration shows the latest four-seater twin-engined model flying boat, the most interesting feature of which is the method of suspending the motors. By such a method, the motor suspension is independent of the wing structure, thus eliminating one of the principal objections to twin motors. The entire weight of the motors is directly transmitted to and carried upon the boat hull, making possible the employment of wing construction of the same lightness as used in single installations.
   The hull has a beam of 46 ins., and an overall length of 32 ft.; the bottom is of the double V type. Provision is made for four passengers, and dual Dep. control is installed. The power plant consists of two 8-cylinder E.N.V. motors, developing 90 h.p. each at 1,250 r.p.m. A radiator for each motor is situated at the forward end of the latter. The propellers are three-bladed, 7 ft. 9 ins. diameter, with a pitch of 5 ft. 3 ins. The capacity of the fuel tanks is 40 gallons.
   The general specifications are: Span, top 56 ft., bottom 42 ft.; chord, 5 ft. 6 ins.; gap, 6 ft. 6 ins.; angle of incidence, 7; net weight, 2,200 lbs.; speed range, 38-65 m.p.h. 4 A single motored (75 h.p.) two-seater machine, quite similar in design, but smaller in proportion, is also being turned out by the Maryland Co.

Журнал - Flight за 1917 г.
Rear view of the Maryland twin-engined flying boat.