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Dalauney-Belleville Coanda-1914

Страна: Франция

Год: 1914

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The Romanian born Coanda could safely be regarded as one the brilliant aviation designers of the century. Although quite a few of his machines were so advanced for the times, that they were difficult to realize. This is probably one of them.
  After his stint as chief designer with British and Colonial (Bristol) he offered immeadiately his help to the French government in August 1914. What you see here is his first design after his return to France, an aerodynamically clean execution of the tail propeller concept (a la Tatin). The actual execution looks rather shabby, which may come from the pressure of the times. Looking at it, I think there was a lot of use of already existing parts (Voisin for the undercarriage ?) etc. Not much is known about this machine, but it is quoted that is was testflown by Weymann. The official interest in the machine ebbed quickly away when it was realized that the original purpose of the machine (gun fire spotting / leading, quick reconnaissance) could be done in other ways.
  The machine may have been built by the motorcar firm Delaunay-Belleville. This machine may have been their first aeroplane built, no mean feat considering the technical sophistication of the construction.

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